Lane uses a class scheduling system from CollegeNET called 25Live. They came to us wanting to hook up their class schedule to their AMAG security system. Previously, unlock events had to be manually created on AMAG to reflect the 25Live schedule, and if there were any last minute changes, they likely wouldn't get added, and doors would unnecessarily unlock or might not unlock for a rescheduled event!

Now with our 25Live Interface, there are never any discrepancies between their class scheduling system and their AMAG system. They created reader groups in Symmetry that represent the doors needed for a given class (including shared doors like entrance), and using AMAG's XML Developer Kit, we automatically manage the lock and unlock events for a classes. They also configured the system to ignore certain event types like maintenance, as they still wanted those controlled with traditional lock and key.

After a tragic school shooting event at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, Lane came to us wanting to improve the lockdown feature of the interface. The system had a lockdown feature, but it was campus wide, and Lane wanted to be able to lockdown individual buildings, have the lockdown feature be more accessible and add additional security measures. We were able to develop the new system here in Vancouver, WA and we upgraded the system over a sunny Spring Break with minimal disruption.

Lane now has an integrated scheduling system with advanced lockdown protection.