Our 25Live Interface integrates your 25Live event calendar with AMAG.

Our Banner Interface integrates your Banner student system with AMAG.

Hawkeye Colored Muster for AMAG shows Card Holders from your muster area in a colorized list.

Hawkeye Mobile Harmony allows you to interface with AMAG using any device with a modern web browser, including iOS, Android, and desktop browsers.

Identity Management Middleware (IMM) securely onboards card holders and visitors into AMAG.

Our KONE Interface integrates your KONE Polaris elevator system with AMAG.

Hawkeye Mobile Muster for AMAG is an offline-capable muster app for Android.

Our Otis Interface integrates your Otis Compass elevator system with AMAG.

Text File Import provides a simple way to import a tab or comma separated CSV file into Symmetry, allowing you to transfer data from one system to another.

Our ThyssenKrupp Interface integrates your ThyssenKrupp Destination Dispatch elevator system with AMAG.